At Bath Spa University I work in the Creative Computing Department within the School of Creative Industries. The course celebrates digital creativity and teaches broad computing and design skills, from smartphone app building to VR game development and beyond. The course firmly believes that students learn best by making, so the course is delivered through a mix of workshops, tech demos, creative problem solving challenges and collaborative briefs.

My teaching covers a broad spectrum of the Creative Computing discipline from teaching programming, through to UX, design thinking and creative entrepreneurship and innovation. Currently I am module leader on the following modules:

Current Modules

CodeLab I

Level 4 – Year 1

CodeLab I is a rapid prototyping workshop series that introduces the fundamentals of procedural programming. Students encounter the first principles of coding from computational thinking through to key elements such as variables, conditionals, loops, arrays and functions. The module is taught using the C++ programming language.

Experience Design

Level 4 – Year 1

Experience Design introduces students to the iterative design cycle, from audience research and user profiling, through interface design (across device types) and prototype development, to testing, evaluation and iteration. The module builds upon the design thinking methodology and exposes students to the fundamentals of user experience and user interface design. During the module students develop an idea for a digital product that is designed to address the requirements of a specific target audience, yet retains a sense of innovation and surprise.

CodeLab II

Level 5 – Year 2

CodeLab II builds on the procedural programming techniques acquired in CodeLab I and introduce Object Oriented Programming to enhance the functionality and efficiency of code. Through the module students are also introduced to the use of libraries and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) as they begin developing programmes with Graphic User Interfaces (GUIs).

Creative Incubator

Level 6 – Year 3

This Level 6 module gets students considering the commercial viability of their ideas and guides them as they transform fledgling ideas for new digital products or services into market-ready prototypes. Over the course of a 13-week intensive incubator students participate as part of a crew to design and develop a digital campaign centred around a central prototype artefact. The module ends with an industry facing showcase event where students present they products to industry experts.

Web Games

Level 6 – Year 3

Thanks to improvements in the performance of JavaScript as well as the introduction of new web APIs and game making tools, we are able to create stunning games that run in the browser. Deploying games in this way has huge advantages in terms of device compatibility, portability marketing and discoverability, versioning, bug fixing and analytics. This module aims to introduce the key design decisions and technical methods behind making games for the web. Taught using the Construct HTML5 Game Engine the module focuses on the creativity of ideas as much as their technical implementation.

Creative Leadership

Level 7 – Masters

Creative Leadership exposes the knowledge and skills needed to direct interdisciplinary teams towards the production of compelling creative computing products and experiences. This module critically evaluates models of leadership through seminars and industry talks, as well as embedding the students within the Level 6 Creative Incubator module to give them practical experience of directing multi-disciplinary teams.


First Time Teacher of the Year

In my first year of teaching (2017/18) at Bath Spa University I was awarded the First Time Teacher of the Year by the Students Union.

“Jake is an excellent first time teacher he teaches programming well and provides multiple excises in HTML and C++ for Kinaesthetic, Visual and Auditory learners. I feel he should win the award because he is on time, does his job well and all aspects of the code as explained in full a great detail. If you’re stuck on assignment you can email this great tutor any time of day. Doing your assignment 1am before its due? He will pick up that email and tell you what you need to be doing and how to format it.

Did I forget to mention he only started tutoring this year? I for one am very impressed with this tutor.”

Lecturer of the Year – Nomination

In 2020 I was nominated for Lecturer of the Year in the Bath Spa University Vice Chancellor Awards

“He provides us such detailed materials (codelab) so we can maintain high quality work and delve into further details in the subject at home and allows people to work at their own pace in their own ways. He provides enriching and engaging lessons (Experience Design, Freshers riddles to get used to coding, design challenges) and listens to and implements feedback quicker than I thought possible, marks with detailed feedback seem to come in at light speed.”