HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Wordpress, PHP


HTML5, Construct, Phaser, Canvas, WebGL


Adobe AIR, Xcode, Swift, iOS


Specialising in Wordpress I build modern, user friendly and responsive websites, from landing pages through to fully integrated e-commerce websites. I tailor content management systems to your needs, so they are easy to use and intuitive, allowing you to keep your site up to date. Using popular web technologies and frameworks I can also help you deliver powerful web apps and interactive content. Also need help with SEO and social media? I can advise on the latest techniques to increase search engine performance and help with the setup and management of social media profiles to ensure that you have maximum exposure for your business.


Haymay is an app that supports collaboration within and between groups of learners working to solve the same problems in Mathematics, History and Logic. Firmly rooted in iterative design-based research, it focuses teachers and teacher educators on the pedagogic challenges of effective computer supported collaborative learning. The core Haymay app that enables collaboration within and between groups working on all-in-one touchscreen computers. Participants work with partners using the same screen. They simultaneously work with partners in another location (anywhere in the world), sharing information using a single ‘flick’ gesture.


Whilst at WONLY Films I developed and managed all of the online platforms for the award winning animation company, including the main portfolio site, social media profiles and associated short film websites. The sites are all mobile responsive and built upon the WordPress platform to enable other members of WONKY to update the site when required. Each of the short film websites have been designed utilising the same theme for a consistent feel, with style tweaks applied to each to fit with the films aesthetic.

Short film sites include: Writer’s Block, Nether Regions, Ain’t No Fish and Laugh Your Head Off.

Developed withWONKY

WONKY Illustration

Clean and simple portfolio website to showcase the many talented designers and illustrators from WONKY’s creative collective. The minimal design allows the artists work to do the talking. The site was developed using the Beans Theme Framework (as is this site) for WordPress and includes a customised backend to enable quick content management to update the site quickly.

Developed with WONKY

ABC Does - Mascot

ABC Does

Early Years Consultant Alistair Bryce-Clegg wanted a new site featuring a design that showcased his hands on and playful approach to early years development. Developed using wordpress to provide an easy to use content management system the website is designed to have a textual paper feel. Throughout the site you can see Alistair’s new mascot designed by WONKY illustration.

Janet Coleman - Still Life Artist

Janet Coleman

Portfolio website to showcase the work of still life Wiltshire painter Janet Coleman. The site was developed using the Beans Theme Framework (as is this site) for WordPress and includes a customised backend to enable quick content management to update the site quickly.

abc day nursery logo

ABC Day Nursery

ABC Day Nursery in Melksham Wiltshire needed a new website to showcase their facilitates to prospective parents. The design took on a light natural feel to emphasise the ethos of the nursery and highlight the fantastic outdoor space they have.

The site was developed using the Beans Theme Framework for WordPress and includes a customised backend to enable quick content management so the client can update the site quickly post handoff.

Show Me The Animation

Between 2010-2017 I developed and managed the website and social media profiles for Show Me The Animation an online animation magazine showcasing independent animation talent. The site is reached animation fans in over 120+ countries worldwide and has established followings across Facebook and Twitter. I also acted as online editor for the site and am responsible for curating the selection of short films showcased on the site from independent animators worldwide, including a regular student showcase.


My development experience started with Flash, creating short games for client marketing purposes. These games ranged from a space travelling adventure featuring Charles Darwin for Cheltenham Science Festival, to a Christmas themed platformer for Help the Hospices. With the decline of Flash games online I now create fun addictive mini games utilising the Construct Engine and the Phaser HTML5 framework to create HTML5 powered browser and mobile games.

Battle Quiz - Kahoot on Steroids

Battle Quiz

Kahoot on Steroids! Battle Quiz is a multiplayer quiz game with a twist. It’s not just knowledge required here, but speed and agility. Don’t know the answer to the quiz question, then no-need to worry as player can shoot down their opponents as they race to the correct answer.

Developed during the 2020 Global Game Jam battle quiz is created using Construct, an HTML5 Game making software. The game makes use of the Web RTC (realtime connections) API to handle the multiplayer connections. Currently developed to enable two players simultaneously, with future development aiming to add 4 players.

Demo version linked below, may contain bugs (Game Jam is only 48 hours after-all), more stable version coming soon (hopefully, maybe, probably)

Hands Solo - Arcade Style Browser Game

Hands Solo

Created for the 2018 Global Game Jam Hands Solo is a single player arcade style browser based game. In the game the player must control their on screen hands separately (hence the name hands solo), to catch the corresponding coloured balls. Hit a ball not matching the hand and you lose a life. Simple!

Originally developed in C++ using the openFrameworks creative coding toolkit, the game was subsequently re-written in Javascript using the Canvas API.

Trump Thump!

As a memento to a rollercoaster year in worldwide politics I developed this silly browser game with WONKY as the perfect remedy to vent your frustrations at the state of our nations. Can you keep up with the pace as you Thump Trump in the face? Built using the open-source HTML5 framework Phaser the game runs on across desktop and mobile browsers.

Developed with WONKY

Beat the Bull

Working with WONKY I developed this Flash game for indie rock band Feeder. The game is based around Feeder’s single ‘Idaho’ from the album Generation Freakshow. The game, in which the player must keep the character on the mechanical bull for a set period of time, was released on Feeder’s website and Facebook page to promote the song. Three songs could be won upon completing various milestones; Headstrong, from the Generation Freakshow album; Along the Avenues, a b-side to the single Borders; and an instrumental version of Idaho.

Developed with WONKY

Score for Bristol

To help Score for Bristol in the bid for the 2018 World Cup, I worked with WONKY developing a viral footie game to encourage people to sign up and support Bristol’s bid. From Brunel to Banksy, players around the world chose their favourite Brissle-based celebrity goalie then competed for goals in a quick fire penalty shoot out.

Developed with WONKY


I have produced a number of apps for the iOS ecosystem, predominantly working with Adobe AIR for it's cross platform potential, but I also have knowledge of native iOS development with Swift. With Adobe AIR I have produced entertainment and game apps integrating social sharing, game center, push notifications, in-app purchases, analytics as well as linking to the Amazon Web Service (AWS).

Show Me The Animation App

I designed and developed an iOS App for the online animation magazine Show Me The Animation. The app was designed to showcase of some of the best animation from around the world, from both award-winning animators and the best new animation talent. The curated selection of films that were available in the app had notched up hundreds of festival screenings and awards between them.

The experimental VOD platform was developed using Adobe AIR to enable cross-platform potential and integrated with the Amazon Web Service to allow streaming & downloading of the short films. Multiple payment options including advertising and a ‘Pay What You Want’ system also sought to offer filmmakers a means for earning revenue from their short films.

Developed with WONKY – No longer available

Space Shoot Em’

Space Shoot ‘Em is a fun little mini-game developed with WONKY for iOS devices. The game harks back to the retro arcade space shooters. In the game you place as a sharp shooting astronaut whose crew has has abandoned you on a strange planet and now your under attack. Shoot the space robots and tanks and survive for as long as possible in this simple and addictive fast paced space shooter.

The app was developed utilising Adobe AIR and utilises native extensions to integrate Ads, In-App purchases, Game Centre and Analytics.

Developed with WONKY


With the iOS 10 update and the addition of sticker packs I created this iMessage sticker pack with the team at WONKY Films. Acromoji’s are animated acronyms that bring to life all your favourite message abbreviations, from LOL, WTF and BRB.

Developed with WONKY

Short Film Apps

Working with WONKY Films I developed a number of apps to accompany the releases of their animated short films. Each app features the short film, mini-games and behind the scenes content. Each app was developed utilising Adobe AIR and utilises native extensions to integrate In-App purchases, Game Centre and Analytics. The apps also integrate with the Amazon Web Service to allow users to either stream or download the short films to their device.

The collection of short film apps includes: Writer’s Block, The Nether Regions & Why did the Chicken Cross the Road?

Developed with WONKY