Speaking & Publications

I have had the pleasure of presenting my work and research to academic and industry audiences at conferences around the world. My work has also been published in international journals.


Understanding the layers of engagement through the consumption of online cartoons

This article introduces the layers of engagement audiences transition through while consuming media content online. Specifically, the consumption of short-form online cartoons. The article contributes a new layered engagement model, building from wider literature, which considers concepts including involvement, flow, and value. This innovative model introduces the notions of deep and light engagement, as well as deep and light engagement experiences and behaviors, which influence and result from engagement. These levels of engagement represent the extremes of different layers audiences transition through as they ebb and flow from one object of consumption to another in highly competitive online environments.

Journal of Advances in Humanities and Social Sciences, October 2022

Using GitHub to improve the provision of feedback in programming classes

Exploration of using GitHub as a learning technology innovation within programming modules in Higher Education. The core purpose was to improve the provision of feedback and monitoring of student progress.

Dissemination Output – Submitted for PGCHE module Technology and Innovation in Higher Education
Video Case Study – Submitted for PGCHE module Technology and Innovation in Higher Education

Engagement and Willingness to Pay for Short Form Animation Content Online

An understanding of engagement and value based on insight from the uses and gratifications framework shows that individual consumers have very different reasons for consuming the same media. As such each consumer will receive different meanings, consequences and levels of value from its consumption. Based on this perspective it is argued that different individuals will display a varied willingness to pay based on their level of engagement and value sought from consuming the content in question.

The International Journal of Design Management and Professional Practice, May 2016

Success in the management of crowdfunding projects in the creative industries

Crowdfunding has become a significant way of funding independent film. However, undertaking a campaign can be time consuming and risky. The purpose of this paper is to understand the predictors likely to produce a film campaign that meets its funding goal. The findings question the long-term ability of crowdfunding to aid companies poorer in terms of time, financial and personnel resources, and therefore arguably in the greatest need of crowdfunding platforms.

Internet Research, Feb 2016

Audience engagement and monetisation of creative content in digital environments

An practice based exploration of the limitations faced by creative SMEs as they seek to circumvent the limits of engagement, audience pressures and free culture in rapidly shifting digital environments.

Thesis – University of Bournemouth, Sep 2015


Two minds are better than one: The future of the classroom– Futures Festival, SSGB – Bristol, 2022
The key to Crowdfunding for Creatives– Creative Business Network, Virtual, 2021
Animation in Games & VFX – Encounters Film Festival, Bristol, 2015
Animation in Games & VFX – Encounters Film Festival, Bristol, 2015
Careers in Animation – Encounters Film Festival, Bristol, 2015
Digital Futures – Next Gen Skills Academy, Radstock, 2015
Digital Audience Engagement – 300 Seconds, Bristol, 2014
Willingness to pay for Short Form Content Online – Arts in Society Conference, Rome, 2014
Engagement in digital environements – Guest Lecture, Bournemouth University, 2013
PhD Colloquium – Internet Researchers Conference, Manchester, 2013
Mobile apps & Content Creation – Guest Lecture, Newport University, 2012
Success in creative crowdfunding campaigns – Global Cybercultures Conference, Prague, 2013
Developing cross-platform projects – TransformatLab, Newport, 2012
Content 360: New Transmedia concepts – MIPCube Lab, Cannes, 2012
Developing for Mobile – Guest Lecture, Newport University, 2012
Industry First Steps – Guest Lecture, Newport University, 2012


Show Me The Animation

Between 2010-2017 I was the online editor for Show Me The Animation an online animation magazine that showcases independent animation. I curated the films, news and guest submissions published on the site and ran regular animation contests. I also organised and curated content for the bi-monthly events, which included screenings of international short films and talks from industry experts. Event speakers included Peter Lord (Aardman Animations), Jonti Picking (aka Mr Weebl) and Darren Walsh (Angry Kid, Compare the Meerkat).



As part of Show Me The Animation I founded the annual AniJam event run in partnership with Encounters Film Festival. Each year animators are invited to participate in the 48hr challenge and tasked with creating an original animation based on a specific theme. Now in it’s fifth year a total of 17 short films and counting have been produced as part of the event.



From 2015-2017 I worked with the Children’s Media Conference as producer on their Changemakers strand. The Changemakers profile people who are innovating and making an impact in the media space, in particular young people who are beginning to make waves and disrupt traditional ways of thinking within the children’s media landscape. Previous speakers include Jess Thom (Tourettes Hero), Jeremiah Emmanuel (One Big Community), Filippo Yacob (Primo Toys) & Stella Duffy (Fun Palaces).