Skill: HTML5


Haymay is an app that supports collaboration within and between groups of learners working to solve the same problems in Mathematics, History and Logic. Firmly rooted in iterative design-based research, it focuses teachers and teacher educators on the pedagogic challenges of effective computer supported collaborative learning. The core Haymay app that enables collaboration within and between groups working on all-in-one touchscreen computers. Participants work with partners using the same screen. They simultaneously work with partners in another location (anywhere in the world), sharing information using a single ‘flick’ gesture.

Battle Quiz

Kahoot on Steroids! Battle Quiz is a multiplayer quiz game with a twist. It’s not just knowledge required here, but speed and agility. Don’t know the answer to the quiz question, then no-need to worry as player can shoot down their opponents as they race to the correct answer.

Developed during the 2020 Global Game Jam battle quiz is created using Construct, an HTML5 Game making software. The game makes use of the Web RTC (realtime connections) API to handle the multiplayer connections. Currently developed to enable two players simultaneously, with future development aiming to add 4 players.

Demo version linked below, may contain bugs (Game Jam is only 48 hours after-all), more stable version coming soon (hopefully, maybe, probably)

Hands Solo

Created for the 2018 Global Game Jam Hands Solo is a single player arcade style browser based game. In the game the player must control their on screen hands separately (hence the name hands solo), to catch the corresponding coloured balls. Hit a ball not matching the hand and you lose a life. Simple!

Originally developed in C++ using the openFrameworks creative coding toolkit, the game was subsequently re-written in Javascript using the Canvas API.

ABC Does

Early Years Consultant Alistair Bryce-Clegg wanted a new site featuring a design that showcased his hands on and playful approach to early years development. Developed using wordpress to provide an easy to use content management system the website is designed to have a textual paper feel. Throughout the site you can see Alistair’s new mascot designed by WONKY illustration.

Janet Coleman

Portfolio website to showcase the work of still life Wiltshire painter Janet Coleman. The site was developed using the Beans Theme Framework (as is this site) for WordPress and includes a customised backend to enable quick content management to update the site quickly.

ABC Day Nursery

ABC Day Nursery in Melksham Wiltshire needed a new website to showcase their facilitates to prospective parents. The design took on a light natural feel to emphasise the ethos of the nursery and highlight the fantastic outdoor space they have.

The site was developed using the Beans Theme Framework for WordPress and includes a customised backend to enable quick content management so the client can update the site quickly post handoff.

Trump Thump!

As a memento to a rollercoaster year in worldwide politics I developed this silly browser game with WONKY as the perfect remedy to vent your frustrations at the state of our nations. Can you keep up with the pace as you Thump Trump in the face? Built using the open-source HTML5 framework Phaser the game runs on across desktop and mobile browsers.

Developed with WONKY