Skill: AS3

Beat the Bull

Working with WONKY I developed this Flash game for indie rock band Feeder. The game is based around Feeder’s single ‘Idaho’ from the album Generation Freakshow. The game, in which the player must keep the character on the mechanical bull for a set period of time, was released on Feeder’s website and Facebook page to promote the song. Three songs could be won upon completing various milestones; Headstrong, from the Generation Freakshow album; Along the Avenues, a b-side to the single Borders; and an instrumental version of Idaho.

Developed with WONKY

Score for Bristol

To help Score for Bristol in the bid for the 2018 World Cup, I worked with WONKY developing a viral footie game to encourage people to sign up and support Bristol’s bid. From Brunel to Banksy, players around the world chose their favourite Brissle-based celebrity goalie then competed for goals in a quick fire penalty shoot out.

Developed with WONKY

Space Shoot Em’

Space Shoot ‘Em is a fun little mini-game developed with WONKY for iOS devices. The game harks back to the retro arcade space shooters. In the game you place as a sharp shooting astronaut whose crew has has abandoned you on a strange planet and now your under attack. Shoot the space robots and tanks and survive for as long as possible in this simple and addictive fast paced space shooter.

The app was developed utilising Adobe AIR and utilises native extensions to integrate Ads, In-App purchases, Game Centre and Analytics.

Developed with WONKY

Short Film Apps

Working with WONKY Films I developed a number of apps to accompany the releases of their animated short films. Each app features the short film, mini-games and behind the scenes content. Each app was developed utilising Adobe AIR and utilises native extensions to integrate In-App purchases, Game Centre and Analytics. The apps also integrate with the Amazon Web Service to allow users to either stream or download the short films to their device.

The collection of short film apps includes: Writer’s Block, The Nether Regions & Why did the Chicken Cross the Road?

Developed with WONKY